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Fertility Counselling

Tracey Sainsbury


Support Counselling

Support counselling is available for single people, couples or individually within a relationship. Whilst trying to conceive, naturally or with assistance (IUI, DI, IVF, ICSI), for secondary infertility, considering ending treatment, around loss, being involuntarily childless or just because support from someone who gets it would be helpful


Donor Conception & Surrogacy

Support or implications counselling; for people trying to conceive, exploring becoming a donor or known donor or a surrogate - and their partners too. Support available before, during or following treatment or whilst exploring fertility options. 


Egg Freezing

Support or implications counselling to explore if egg freezing is right for you. Support may be useful for anyone ahead of a Fertility MOT, for anyone wanting to be a

'Mother Of Tomorrow', exploring all of the options available to you 


Next Steps...

Support counselling to embrace the end of an assisted conception journey.  You might be embracing childlessness, or your family may be complete and parenting and/or relationships are not as you expected, you may need  space to explore what to do with remaining stored eggs, sperm or embryos, your family may be smaller than you'd hoped for - and others think you 'should' be grateful for what you have, or you are considering embracing alternate nurturing options - support remains available

Therapy Sessions
My Approach

"Be stressed...manage it well!" The key to coping as you explore and embrace fertility related situations and decisions is to understand what's going on unconsciously as well as consciously.


My work as an integrative counsellor enables a space to promote self care; validating your past, embracing the present and exploring your future options, so you can move forwards feeling confident that you are doing what feels right for you.

About me

Over 20 years experience providing fertility support, initially working with Fertility Network UK and London clinics as a

Senior Fertility Counsellor.

Accredited with the British Infertility Counselling Association. Co-author of Making Friends with your Fertility and a training provider for COSRT and CICS.  

Getting Help

Fertility Counselling is a specialist area of counselling, but is not limited to supporting those having treatment at a HFEA Licensed Clinic, or indeed even those trying to conceive. Support is routinely provided to people who are close to someone struggling with infertility, anyone who has  experienced loss, after relationship breakdown and where there are religious or ethical challenges to treatment. Specialist support may also be helpful for anyone who is embracing an alternate nurturing pathway

Stress and Anxiety

Grief and Loss

Pregnancy Loss

Secondary Infertility


With a warm, compassionate and empathic nature, I am always inspired by Tracey's creative ways of working and for me she just gets where her clients are at.

Trisha Patel - Fertility Coach 

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