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My Approach

'Comfy'. Such a simple word, but when we're not comfortable we routinely know it, and can feel it too, as not being comfy can promote feeling anxious, depressed, and often the need to walk on eggshells around others (and sometimes ourselves too.)

Training as a bereavement counsellor and then in integrative counselling, which included relationship counselling, provided my therapeutic grounding; regular CPD continues to promote awareness of new ways of working and contributes to an enhanced understanding around how our mothers, or surrogates, pregnancy impacts on us individually - for life. This is one reason why I have a strong desire to ensure my clients are comfy before conception. 

My therapeutic approach acknowledges how our conscious and unconscious belief systems are transformed when we are contemplating conception.  Before this time we can have little interest in fertility; awareness of other people having children, but we don't take their decisions, plans and outcomes personally.


I believe we experience a paradigm shift  when we are ready to parent, promoting a much more primal outlook, a sense of purposefulness in the desire to reproduce to fulfil our potential - felt differently for carrying and non-carrying partners or my clients embracing solo parenthood. This in itself can promote a sense of failing if fertility plans don't progress as we hope; though consciously we know we aren't failing... trying to be positive can routinely promote exhaustion. 

If you think exploring and understanding more about how you're feeling, or understanding more about how your conscious and unconscious conflicts are impacting on yourself and those whom you're in relationships with would be helpful, and develop strategies to move forwards  - do get in touch to book an appointment.

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