Next Steps...

Support counselling can be useful as you explore or embrace your next steps...  it might be because:


  • Your initial consultation at a fertility clinic was the first and last step of your fertility journey.  It may sound surprising, but for many people assisted conception is not an option, whether that is for medical, financial, emotional or other reasons. 

  • You might have experienced loss, of a pregnancy, child or partner, and need some time and space to grieve, heal and to consider what next.

  • If you had success straight away, didn't even find fertility 'stuff' stressful, but now you have your family, it's more difficult. Often the emotional impact of assisted conception is managed well, as you're moving forwards with your plans; it can sometimes only be when we have the time and space to process and to acknowledge what we've been through, that support is helpful.

  • You might be considering alternate nurturing options, but feel confused about moving forwards. Sometimes a therapeutic space can enable us to process - and sometimes we just need time, and reassurance it's OK to give ourselves that time. 

  • You might have embraced being involuntarily childless or having a smaller family than you'd hoped for, but want a space for yourself to reflect on your journey or to check in and promote self care.

  • You might have stored embryos, eggs and/or sperm and be exploring options, whether for more treatment, to donate to others or to donate to research. If you are considering donating to others, implications counselling is usually mandatory and would hopefully be provided via your clinic. 

  • Sometimes people get in touch many years after their fertility treatment, and a supportive space is helpful as children reach adolescence or adulthood.  

If you think a space, just for you, would be helpful, you are welcome to contact me to book an appointment. 

Counselling with Tracey Sainsbury

provided by Zoom or alternate video platform.


Support Counselling £65 

60 minute appointment

Implications Counselling £110 

Up to 90 minutes of counselling plus report preparation

Email Tracey Sainsbury: ivfcounsellor@gmail.com

To request a call to book, please include your preferred number

*I hold practising privileges  with several organisations and a different fee structure may apply - if you were referred here, do let me know by which organisation. Many thanks

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