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Tracey Sainsbury

Fertility Counsellor

Having worked as a senior fertility counsellor with exceptional teams in large clinics, I now focus on providing independent counselling for individuals and couples around all fertility issues, at all stages of the fertility journey. 

Counselling training grew from a desire to listen better and to understand loss; as a Mum through adoption, and later fostering too, I felt these would be useful skills, which was so true. My passion now includes how we cope with trauma and Interpersonal Neurobiology, self care and the importance of pregnancy; especially in terms of pre-birth attachment and familial attunement.

I didn't intend to be a fertility counsellor, though my own fertility journey did inspire a desire to help others; initially volunteering over 20 years ago with the two charities that merged to form Fertility Network UK, and through writing the book - Making Friends with your Fertility 

My own fertility journey taught me about my ability to thrive, not just survive infertility - my counselling training taught me, my stuff is just about me - your journey is all about you! No rights, no wrongs, as often fertility decisions feel 51% right and no more; we acknowledge there is no control or ability to influence an outcome of treatment and we often fear regrets.


If you think a space just for you would help, then get in touch and I look forward to working with you. 


  • Considering Conceiving

  • Trying Naturally

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Considering Assisted Conception
  • Considering Different Treatment Options

  • Assisted Conception and Mental Health

  • Unsuccessful Fertility Treatment

  • Grief and Loss Counselling

    • Pregnancy loss​

    • Loss of a child

    • Loss of a partner 

    • Loss of a parent

    • Loss of someone significant

  • Surrogacy Counselling

  • Donor Conception Counselling

  • Relationship Counselling

    • For anyone in a relationship

    • For single people too​

  • Secondary Infertility

  • Parenting after Assisted Conception

  • Childlessness

  • Stress Management

  • Grief, Loss, or Bereavement

  • Other Issues 

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