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Egg Freezing

Eggsurance, Eggsaurance ... future fertility insurance, or fertility reassurance that if you want to conceive in the future, you can have the opportunity to try with your own eggs; these are often the reasons why women consider egg freezing.


But until you've had a couple of tests, there's frustratingly no guarantee that egg freezing is even an option, and if egg freezing is an option... there are sadly no guarantees those eggs, stored for you will result in a baby, and no guarantee that you will ever want or need to use them. 

These are just some of the reasons why counselling ahead of egg freezing can be useful, a space to explore where you're at in the present, your future hopes, dreams and expectations and autonomous support as you compare your options. 

Support around egg freezing can also be useful if you've been unable to, or decided not to freeze your eggs, are planning to use your previously frozen eggs - with a partner or embracing solo motherhood, choosing not to settle for the wrong relationship in which to try and conceive, or have completed your family and are exploring what to do with the eggs you stored, often years ago. 

It can often seem a straightforward decision, a sensible thing to do for a well informed woman... but fertility stuff impacts unconsciously as well as consciously, and even an initial consultation can be unexpectedly overwhelming. Wherever you are in your fertility journey, get in touch if space to explore would be helpful. 

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