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Support Counselling

Support Counselling provides a space for you, individually or if you have a partner, you can also attend together. So much about fertility is judged - by ourselves, by those who love us and want us to be happy, by those close to us and even those who don't know us so well. It is incredibly easy to be too hard on ourselves.  

Support counselling can be helpful after pregnancy loss, unsuccessful treatment, or as you take the fist steps on an assisted conception treatment pathway.

Consciously, we know that women are more than baby makers, but we can often feel like we're failing if our fertility hopes and dreams are not progressing as we hope. But fertility counselling isn't just for infertility; support is there for single people and same sex couples too... and it's not just for women, support counselling is just as relevant for men! You might be a solo dad embracing egg donation and surrogacy or a couple - whether you have a male or female partner - or identify in a different way. 

Specialist counselling can be helpful for those who love and/or care for someone struggling with fertility issues, if a child or sibling is experiencing infertility we know it can be difficult if others in the family have conceived easily, or if their journey is re-traumatising your own fertility past. 

A Fertility Network UK Survey found over 40% of people experiencing infertility had suicidal thoughts, assisted conception puts us in to a potentially life creating situation where we have no control or ability to influence the outcome - when we look at it like that we can acknowledge that feeling stressed is appropriate.

Thankfully research also reassured stress doesn't affect the outcome of assisted conception treatment - be stressed...manage it well.  Do get in touch if you think I can help. 



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